Signs You Need a New Roof


Signs You Need a New Roof

Most of the time, homeowners do not consider replacing their old roof because they think they are saving the extra cost. However, it is the opposite as the damaged roof will cost even more in the long run.

The reality is that when a roof has reached its life expectancy or outreached it, it is better to get it replaced rather than lingering on with the same damaged roof. Many people keep on spending money on roof repair and keep on patching it.

The main problem lies in that homeowners are not aware of what they should do when they start facing roofing problems. Therefore, it is necessary to hire residential roofing services as the experts will inspect your roof better and tell you the best solution for all the problems.

Signs To Check whether A New Roof is Required

Although a roofing expert will inspect your roof better, there are some signs that you can see for yourself and check whether it is time for you to replace your old roof or not.

As always, the final verdict can only be given by professional roofing experts, but these signs can be detected by you too:

1-     The Age of Your Roof

The age of your roof is provided when you first get it installed. Typically, a roof will last up to 20 to 25 years, or more depending on how well you maintain it. The materials you use while building the roof determine its actual age and how long it will give you service.

If you use your roof past its life expectancy, then you will start to see several wear and tear and some other damage along with it. The first sign is always the age when you know that your roof has reached its age, it is time to call in the experts and get it replaced to avoid any future mishap. 

2-    The Shingles Look Rough or Damaged

Shingles is one of the most common roofing materials that are used to cover your roof, and they are proven to test the roof’s condition from time to time. They are less durable as they can not suffer the harsh climatic weather.

But, if you see that your shingle has started to curl up, then it is a sign that your roof requires your attention, and you should get it replaced without wasting any more time. If you do not take prompt actions, then it can even cause them to crack, which will make your roof uneven, and it will also start to leak from various places.

3-    A Sagging Roof

When you see that your roof has started to sag, it is one of the most dangerous signs of roof damage and it indicate that your roof needs to be replaced without sparing any minute.

A sagging roof is always a sign of structural problems either your roof has started to rot from the foundation, or there is some major issue with the decking. Either way, if your roof is going south, then you need to act up fast and call your professional roof expert right away.

4-    Flushing the Flashing of your Roof Down The Drain

The flashing of your roof surrounds the chimneys, vents, and skylight, and it is necessary for preventing water to seep down the roof, specifically in these areas. These areas are always well-inspected every time there is the roof maintenance due.

It is mainly because the cracks or breakage should not occur in there as it will make your roof weak until it breaks. If you see damage to the flashing, then it indicates that there is some major structural underlying damage that needs to be catered to right away.

These are some of the signs that you must always look out for when you are inspecting your roof yourself or getting it inspected by professionals.


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