5 Amazing Benefits of Analogue Mixing Desks


5 Amazing Benefits of Analogue Mixing Desks

At the time of setting up a sound system, a mixer plays a vital role. It is the mixer that affects the overall quality and type of sound produced. Analogue mixing desks will help in harmonizing signals from all sources, followed by sending to the destination. With superb sound quality, you will be able to enjoy your music at best. 

What are the Various Types of Mixing Desks Available? 

In the market, there are two different types of mixing desks available. They are:

  • Analogue Mixing Desks
  • Digital Mixing Desks

Both are known for their performances. If you are searching for such a mixing desk that is easy to use and will help produce a superb outcome, then better go with an analogue mixing desk. 

What Makes Analogue Mixing Desks Preferable Over Digital Ones?

If you are new to mixing and are looking for a simpler device to use, you must consider investing in analogue mixing. There are several benefits of an analogue mixer, some of which are enlisted below:

  • Can Be Used by AnyoneAnalogue mixing desks are known for their standard appearances and a highly unified layout. Such exclusive features will help users to carry on with their tasks easily. 

An analogue mixing desk can be used by anyone, followed by coming up with exclusive projects. Unlike digital desks, every input can be related directly with the channel in line with single processing will seem to be a small piece of toast.  

  • Available at a Cheap Rate – The price is another deciding factor when investing in a mixing desk. In terms of functionality, analogue mixing desks serve better than digital mixers. Surprisingly, the former is available at an economical budget than later. All can purchase an analogue mixing desk. 

Analogue mixing desks are inclusive of innumerable features under a single head that helps make the work of sound specialists easy. Some analogue desks are inclusive of digital effects and work finely. The DFX is available separately for every channel that makes working easy.

  • Easy to Configure – Analogue mixing desks are easy to configure. To be precise, you may re-install the parts of analogue mixers from scratch without undergoing much difficulty. It helps in customizing analogue mixers by going with the best parts. 

Regarding trivial repairs and replacements of parts, it is easy to carry on with the same easily with analogue mixers than digital ones. As they are easy to operate, you will hardly face any difficulty while working with them

3.	Easy to Configure
  • Easy to Operate - Another reason that makes analogue mixing desks better than the digital one is that they are easy to operate. It only has one function per control. With the digital mixing one, you can get confused with the multiple functions. So, if you are starting, then analogue mixing desk is a good choice.
  • Resistant to NoiseAnalogue mixing desks are highly resistant to noise in comparison to other varieties. The strong transmission of the signals makes them exclusively efficient. Analogue transmission is not susceptible to noise even with an increase in the distance in terms of transmission.

You may use analogue mixers anywhere as per desire. Along with being easy in terms of usage, these mixers will produce a high-quality sound effect that will enthral the audience. They are suitable for stage performance exclusively.


These are some exclusive benefits in association with analogue mixing desks than the digital ones. Carrying out a little bit of research in-depth will help in making the right decision. If you are having a band of musicians, you will be able to create an ever-lasting impression in the minds of your audience by the right type of mixing desks. 

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