Using Simple SEO Strategies to Boost Affiliate Earnings


Using Simple SEO Strategies to Boost Affiliate Earnings

Search engine optimization, or SEO, should be at the top of the list of strategies that affiliates use to bring targeted traffic to their sites. Even though a lot of people are under the impression that SEO is difficult and only for experienced marketers, there are actually a number of simple things that complete beginners can do to their websites to help increase search engine rankings.

Domain Name & Affiliate Niche Focus

The easiest SEO strategy begins when the domain name is picked out for a new site. By registering domain name that is an exact match with a keyword phrase that receives decent monthly traffic, it puts an affiliate in a prime position to get traffic for that phrase. Even though these exact match domains, or EMDs, can be hard to find, they are well worth the effort to track down.

Domain Name & Affiliate Niche Focus

Too many beginners will create their first affiliate site to target a wide variety of type of products or services. Although this can help to save money with domain name registration fees and time with new website construction, this strategy can actually be counterproductive. A site should have a tightly defined niche focus unless it is going to offer a ton of pages of content.

Competition for more general keyword phrases can be extremely tough, so large websites with a lot of topics relating to the general phrases are needed to get good rankings. When a site narrows topics to a more specific subject, it becomes a niche website. A niche site can have fewer pages of content and still get good rankings because it is recognized as an authority site for that narrow range of topics.

Page Titles and File Names

An extremely simple SEO Gold Coast strategy to use for better search engine rankings is proper naming of pages and files. The page title is typically also used to create the actual web address to reach it, especially with many popular content management systems like Word Press. As a result, good page naming habits can benefit both of these important aspects of SEO.

Other files that are referenced on the site can also be named with keyword phrases to boost rankings. This is especially the case with image files that are going to be embedded on a website. These images can be indexed by search engines like Google, so they can actually help bring traffic to an affiliate site.

Effective Keyword Targeting Strategies

There are tons of different strategies floating around the internet for keyword targeting. Unfortunately, a lot of SEO articles can contain dated information, but timeless and simple strategies have been outlined here. Keyword targeting is one of the most important of these because it is most commonly abused.

Effective Keyword Targeting Strategies

When it comes to targeting a search engine keyword phrase, this is generally best done when a single phrase is the main target of each page. Most people know and practice this strategy, but they generally do it the wrong way. When it comes to using a targeted keyword phrase in an article, less is usually more.

Overuse of the targeted phrase is the number one mistake when it comes to this strategy. Instead of using the phrase over and over again to talk about it, try to describe the phrase with other words. Every word has other words that relate to it, so using these words in article content can provide a major ranking boost. This is what the powerful search engines like Google really look for when it comes to content and keyword relevancy.

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