Let’s Discuss Two Products That Help in Packaging and Product Transport


Let’s Discuss Two Products That Help in Packaging and Product Transport

When it comes to transporting products from one place to another through ship or roadways, it is essential to keep them safe during the transit. You need to ensure that you follow every possible step starting from loading, packaging, transporting, and unloading to keep the products safe.

Well, this is where you should not forget about Dollies and Lashing. These things may sound unnecessary for your business, but using this, you will be able to keep your products protected. You can buy such tools at Stream Peak at the best prices. However, if you hear these words for the first time, then here are some details that can help you know more about these things. Have a look.

Let’s Discuss Two Products That Help in Packaging and Product Transport

Dollies- A Secure Way To Shift Your Goods

If the weight of products is low, then you may prefer to carry them with hands. However, the weight is more, and you want to shift them securely, then you can always use Dollies. These are also called flatbeds and come with four wheels. It may weigh around 6 lbs and support 350lbs of weight capacity.

If you compared this with the mini-mule dolly, such equipment is suitable for effectively transporting bottled cases and large boxes. On the other hand, it offers swift mobility and better access to your product inventory. This, in turn, will significantly improve your in-store efficiency.

What’s more? Using this, you can reduce the injuries related to heavy box transportation and lifting. Made of robust nylon mixed with glass material, this equipment comes with reinforced ribs that offer maximum structural strength, and the rigidity level is also right. On the other hand, rubber grips will keep the load at the place while transporting the goods. Besides, the full-rotation castors offer you large movable displays along with the best in-store layouts.

If you want, you can also go for a two-piece or one-piece handle and comfortably transport dollies throughout your store. They also come with solid steel J-hooks to offer you a complete, portable storage system, and the configuration options are also good. Get this tool now, and enjoy quick access and easy mobility.

Some Key Features of Dolly

  1. Exceptionally tough and resistant to a different level of impact
  2. Storage capacity can go up to 250lbs
  3. You will get a portable storage system
  4. You can connect it with other dollies

Lashing- A Aafer Choice For All The Exporters

Speaking about lashing straps, these are superior-quality fasteners and made of woven polyester webbing. Don’t get confused with this and strapping. Strapping is all about using a strap to combine, reinforce, fasten, and hold the product. On the other hand, lashing means the arrangement of belts or ropes to effectively secure items in a rigid structure. If you are looking for a quality band, you can prefer to buy a woven polyester textile lashing band. Such bands are very economical and comfortable to handle. You can use this to secure products inside containers, onto flat racks, and on ships.

With an excellent lashing system, you can easily prevent damages to your workers and products. Once applied, the band will prevent the boxes from falling off or moving during storage or transport. Whether you want to carry massive timber crates or machinery, a good quality lashing strap will offer you the most efficient and safest way of securing them. Safety is very important in a heavy-traffic area where workers and property safety are always at risk. So, use a strapping system, and you can prevent injuries and accidents on site.

Don’t look here and there for the best quality Lashing and dollies as Stream Peak is the perfect place for you to buy them. Visit the site and place your order now.

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