How to Help Your Child Focus During Remote Learning?


How to Help Your Child Focus During Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic closed schools across the country, sending children home to remote learn via technology. Most teachers can attest that keeping a child's focus in the classroom is difficult, but keeping their attention at home may seem impossible. Help your child get the most out of distance learning by keeping their focus on their schoolwork with these tips.

Make a Designated Learning Area

When your child goes to school, they know that once they enter that classroom that it is time to learn. The classroom is set up to eliminate distractions and enhance the learning process. Your child needs the same space at home. Don't allow your child to learn on the couch or their bed as this can lead to poor study habits and can make it difficult for them to focus.

Instead, find a place in your home that is away from the television, toys, and other distractions. Set up a desk with a comfortable chair that is the correct height. If you find a chair or desk offered online or at a yard sale, you may consider purchasing school chair parts to make the perfect seat for your child. Make sure the area has ample lighting so that your child can easily see the computer and their school work. Next, organize all of your child's supplies and place them within reach. If your child has to get up to find something, it will be difficult for him or her to get back to learning. Allowing your child to personalize their space with artwork and decorations may help motivate him or her and make learning fun.

Set Up a Routine

When your child is at school they depend on a routine or schedule. Routines help children know what to predict next and what is expected of them. Developing a similar routine at home and being consistent with it will help your child focus. Work with your child and make a routine that includes time for each subject, silent reading, breaks, lunch, and time for them to explore something they would like to learn about.

Figure Out What Ways Your Child Learns Best

Every child is special, and every child learns in a distinct way. Talking with your child can help you discover what way they learn best. Remote learning can then be catered to best fit their learning style. For example, if your child is a kinesthetic learner they learn best when they have hands-on activities. Counting tactile objects, drawing, science experiments, and modeling shapes with clay may help them stay focused. On the other hand, children who are auditory learners may enjoy listening to quiet music, reading books aloud, or singing educational songs. Figure out how your child learns and make some adjustments to their curriculum that go along with their learning style. This can help make learning more enjoyable and help him or her to stick with it.

Take Breaks

Children need frequent breaks to keep them focused. Set up regular times for breaks and have fun being active during them. Go on a quick walk, jump on the trampoline, or play a short game of basketball. Getting some fresh air and movement can make a big difference in how your child learns at home.

Limit Digital Distractions

Your child is most likely remote learning on their computer or tablet. These devices often have apps and games that can prove to be distracting. If your child has a cell phone, encourage him or her to put it away or place it on airplane mode to prevent calls from distracting them. Ask your child not to open tabs on their tablet or computer to play games or go on social media. Website blockers can be utilized during certain hours of the day if your child continues to be distracted by non-school related websites.

Remote learning is very different than how your child learns in the classroom, but it doesn't mean that your child can't focus or won't be successful. Set your child up for success with a routine and space for them to learn. Above all, try to enjoy this unique time that you have together. Your child feeds off of your emotions; if you are relaxed and focused, your child will be as well.

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