8 Outstanding Ways To Skyrocket Your E-Commerce Sales Using Twitter


8 Outstanding Ways To Skyrocket Your E-Commerce Sales Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the glorious and well-known social media platforms. Now Twitter offers many fancy features to uplift your e-commerce website to the next stage of growth. Did you know? More than 2.7% of people can buy products once they get to know them on Twitter. Even you can increase your sales after collaborating with influencers. E-commerce websites have plenty of opportunities to grow their brand popularity and enough sales on Twitter. No matter if you are a starter or already using Twitter.

Get Attached With Your Fan-Followings 

Twitter is impressive; it allows you to interact and connect with your audience through your frequent posts. When you look at other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, too much posting from brands is considered spam and dishonest.

You have an opportunity to maintain your full presence on Twitter. Try to keep a constant bond with your fans by interacting with them often. Replies to your follower's queries, react to their mentions. If you spot your followers, the post seems to be good, appreciate them, give like, and favor their tweets.

Another effective way to engage with your audience is by posting engaging and attracting content. For instance, you can publish memes, visuals that speak about your product. Twitter polls are a new trend that helps brands expand their reach. When you boost Twitter poll votes, you can easily capture the attention of a large number of buyers to your brand. In polls, you can come up with questions related to your product. Using Twitter polls, you can know your audience's mindset about your product. Posting more posts will provide more exposure to your product, and it will increase the chances of your sales. 

Partner With Influencer 

Influencer marketing is an effective tool to gain massive exposure to your product or content. Ensure your influencers are part of your industry, with higher engagement rates. There are many tools available to discover the right influencer for your account. Depending on your need, you can find them.

Keep Eyes On Competitors

Always keep monitoring your competitors' actions. Visit their account and check how they build sales count with their audience. Try to learn from them, but don't copy what they are doing to improve their marketing strategy. Once you collected data, implement the strategy in business in your style.

Build Your Brand Hashtags  

It is safe and best to create your own hashtags for your brand or product. How creating hashtags is essential, likewise making them trend is very important. It helps to build your brand presence on Twitter. Introducing your brand hashtags will raise your recognition and awareness of the users. It will catch more potential customers; of course, it will drive more sales. 

Few- Instruction To Create Your Brand Hashtags

  • It must be catchy, attractive, make it short and easily memorable 
  • It must connect, related to your brands, industry 
  • Before building your hashtags, spend time knowing which type of keywords are used by your audience 

The point your hashtags must impress your audience is to influence them to use it everywhere. Your goal is to popularize your hashtags among your audience so that you can obtain more visibility. Start your hashtags campaign.

Find Your Niche

Once you start your business, depending on your products, decide your target audience. Then identify them, the next target with them with your post. Put effort to convert your target audience into your customers.

Maximize Your Following Count

It's important to maximize your following count; the more followers you have, the people will get aware of your products. You can influence your followers to convert them as your budding customers.

To grow your follower's rate fits, you must catch people's attention. Join in Twitter conversations related to your industry; here, you can communicate with a group of new people. Must use trending hashtags while interacting with the people during a Twitter conversation. It encourages new people to get to know about your business. 

To target a small group of people, you can use similar keywords to your E-commerce website by Twitter discovery function. You will spot many queries related to that particular topic and keywords. There you can provide some info, which motivates the readers to visit your profile, and they may follow you.

You can set a welcome message for your new users; you can send automated direct messages. Make your messages pleasant, warming, inviting them to your account. Your automated message will motivate your new users to start a conversation with you.

Twitter Cards 

Twitter cards are a worthy choice for E-commerce websites. Using Twitter cards, you can give sufficient details about your product like product page, prize details, stack availability. And you can paste call-to-action. It improves your sales count. It is an excellent way to attain more exposure to your product.

Analyze Your Performance 

Analyze your performance, which helps to identify your mistakes. You can use Twitter analytics to know more info about your target audience, and you can plan your content according to them.


E-commerce can use Twitter ads to boost your sales. Twitter offers many ads; relying on your necessity, you can choose them. Be consistent, stick with your strategy, track your performance then and there, and update it. Without any doubt to say Twitter is the perfect social media network for E-commerce to promote their sales count and to entice their engaging customers.

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