6 Home Design Trends That Won't Die in 10 Years


6 Home Design Trends That Won't Die in 10 Years

No matter if you live in an apartment or a house on ten acres, there are design trends that just work. Of course, it may take a renovation to get to enjoy these new ideas. If you have to make upgrades or repairs to your home anyway, consider adding these colors and features to your space.

1) Grey from Warm to Cool

Grey tones, from pale mist to deepest charcoal, remain popular. Grey with cool blue undertones work well with plush jewel tones, while the tan and grey combination is known as "greige" allows you to place your brown leather sofa in a grey room and still have everything work.

If you're going to go grey in your home, take a hard look at any white trim, cabinetry, appliances, or countertops. White colors can also have undertones, and a bright white with a blue base can make your greige carpet look dirty and dull. If you're moving from mist grey to a more brown-friendly color, be ready to repaint the trim as well.

2) Polished Concrete Floors

A polished concrete floor is a flexible neutral tone is a terrific treatment for new construction. If you like bold colors, consider using a deep tone on your polished concrete and covering it with an epoxy polish for long-term durability.

Once you have a polished concrete floor in place, it will become a significant design feature of your home, so be ready to show it off. Celebrate long, open expanses of color. Consider investing in a robot vacuum to keep it spotless and shiny.

3) Floor to Ceiling Windows

Bold architectural features like tall, expansive, and unadorned windows can take some getting used to in your living space, but your home will make a strong statement from both outside and in. Carefully study your design options and talk with your Brooklyn commercial roofing professional about trim choices.

For example, if your roofline is plain and nearby buildings have more history, can you get trim work done on the roof and the windows to align your building with the rest of the neighborhood? History can be your guide as you select the best adornments for your home.

4) Green in Every Shade

As Mother Nature shows us, green goes with everything. If your roof and upper building trim need to be replaced, consider adding copper trim and allowing it to oxidize. Design your home with window boxes that will drain properly, so flowers are always an option, even a silk display in the winter.

To make this easier, carefully place hose bibs at multiple points in new construction. A beautiful front garden will not get much use if you can't keep the plants alive in the heat.

5) Open Concept Living

Wide-open living space offers light, air, and sound movement from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. As many of us move to more minimalist lifestyles, having one open space to live in offers those with few possessions a sense of expansion and comfort.

Open concept of living is also more comfortable to decorate. One wall color, one-floor color, lots of natural light, and air movement can all contribute to a sense of wholeness each time you walk into your space.

6) Whole-House Cabinetry

Inline with open concept living, embrace whole-house cabinetry. From kitchen to bath and from door trim to window wraps, get used to seeing just one tone or color in use throughout the space.

Your home is yours to customize. Carefully study how you want traffic to flow in your space, and make sure to add utilitarian features such as coat closets and entertainment cabinets to keep your home looking sharp and clutter-free.

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