Understanding Relationship Between Website UI/UX & SEO


Understanding Relationship Between Website UI/UX & SEO

Search Engine Optimization is no more a rare thing. In fact, it has now become a necessity for every business to boost revenue from the digital market. However, when we talk about SEO, the hype about web development and web designing also comes up. The relationship between both is clearly visible as, without them, SEO is just a popular marketing phrase.

Businesses understand the basics of SEO & Web Design relationship. But the core fundamentals and technical factors always remain unspoken and off their knowledge. So, here I am going to talk about those crucial and useful factors of the Website UI/UX & SEO relationship.

User Psychology & Website UI for UX & SEO Optimization

It is as easy as it looks, “we do not buy anything that does not look fine.” 

You can call it human nature. But, as a marketer, it is important psychology that you need to keep in mind before planning any SEO strategy.

Website UI/UX design represents your service/product. And if the representation isn’t good enough, then your SEO won’t be able to give you the business that you must be expecting. Good SEO with bad Web UI / UX Design is like having a crowd on your server who is probably going to start not liking your product without even using it.

The worst thing about all of that is, you will be wasting your money on SEO without getting enough or potential return.

Those factors cannot just affect your conversion rate, but can also affect your website bounce rate. And a high bounce rate may simply not let your SEO strategy go as per the plan. Also, if the user doesn’t like your Website’s UI in the first place, then he won’t be checking your whole website, which means low average user engagement duration.

Boost Website UI for The Best UX & SEO Optimization 

If you are stuck with understanding how to plan a website’s UI designing that won’t give a negative user experience, then here is the answer:

Create Engaging Content With Readable Font Styling

SEO analysts know how important it is to make content readable on the website. Technically, Google prefers websites that have good content readability which is also one of the topmost ranking factors of Google. In simpler words, white font content on a light grey a background is a wrong approach. However, white font content on black background makes sense, as the content will be more readable and visible.

Make Sure You Have A Story Like Plan for Your Website UI Design

If you can create a story with your graphics and convince visitors to check out your whole website just to enjoy the design of the website, then you are already doing most of the necessary. This will help you in attracting users to your website as well as increasing average user engagement duration.

The Ultimate Motto is To Get Good Business From The Website

Your ultimate motto obviously is to grow business with digital marketing. So, while designing the UI of the website you should know how to make good business. The best thing that can help in the same is CTA Optimization. If you put CTA buttons at the right place then it can help you convert more leads and generate more revenue. Also, you can integrate chatbots and train them for the same. They work very well in terms of lead conversion! 

Even if the user doesn’t make a purchase or get you revenue after clicking the CTA button, still, it will help you in optimizing your website’s bounce rate. Ultimately, you will get benefits in at least one of the many ways.

Website UI A/B Testing

With just one design you can’t be sure that the results that you are getting are the best that can be achieved. You should always consider A/B Testing before finalizing your Website’s UI. Based on the results and analysis of user experience and lead generation from each UI, you can finalize your website design.

Site Speed & Mobile Version

Everyone knows that if your website is not mobile-friendly, then no matter what you do, you won’t be able to rank on Google. Also, if your site takes more time to load, then again, you won’t be able to outrank your competitors ever. While working on Website UI/UX, you should keep these small, yet important factors at the top of the priority list.

Final Thoughts

Website UI/UX needs to be taken care of in the first place while designing a website for a business. They won't just impact website capability to attract visitors to convert into customers, but can also help in improving website SEO.

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