Tracking Devices


Tracking Devices

As a rule, an absent-minded person, if not daily, then quite often, forgets his phone, documents, or wallet. It is worth at least once to get distracted and put the keys, for example, on the refrigerator, instead of a special shelf, as several hours of intensive searches and hassle are guaranteed. To avoid this and to quickly find the necessary things or car keys, special tracking devices were invented.

Such devices look like ordinary key rings for keys or a phone. They are attached to the necessary thing, and if the owner cannot find them, they emit a special signal. There are a lot of options for such tracking devices. Among them, there are special ones, for which you need to download applications for mobile devices. For example, a rinex key finder app that works via Bluetooth. If the distance between it and the device exceeds several meters, the key fob will notify you with a sound signal.

Basically, these are ordinary reminders, but there is also a special application, for example, to quickly find a car parked in a parking lot. Many of them work as an alarm clock: a reminder is accompanied by a sound signal. True, especially scattered people manage to ignore him.

Rinex key finder app for forgetful people is a special watch with a Bluetooth device. If the phone is at the very bottom of the bag, any incoming call will be displayed on this device, which will help you not to miss an important or long-awaited conversation. Also, event reminders can be set, which will also be displayed on the watch interface.

In order not to forget, for example, to put milk in the refrigerator or turn off the light before leaving, there are old proven ways of reminding. It is enough to buy a set of stickers and a marker in any stationery store and stick a piece of paper with a reminder in the most prominent place: a computer, refrigerator, mirror. This is the most economical and effective option to remember to wish your aunt a happy birthday, for example, or send an important report before Monday. Today, stickers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and even designs. Also, there are special shower pads that do not get wet on the paper. Or you can just buy a magnetic chalk board and write on it everything you would not want to forget about.

If stickers do not help, you can use the most proven life hack that is familiar to school children or students. It is enough to draw a small cross on the palm of your hand, and when you see it, what you need will quickly be remembered. Also, especially forgetful people can write important reminders on paper and put these notes, for example, in slippers before bed. Well, those who are completely desperate can simply write the most necessary things in their palm.

If you are going to work or be late for an important meeting, you can say all the actions out loud. For example, "light off" or "iron off". Thus, when leaving the house, you do not have to check the turned off the light, iron, or stove 10 times and unkind thoughts will not torment the rest of the day.

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Optimizing personal spacđÁIn order not to forget your phone or documents at home, you should more rationally organize your own space. For example, take it as a rule that there is a specific place for everything. Do not throw the keys where they are looking, but hang a special hook for them or put a vase in the hallway, you can also allocate space for combs or documents. And in order not to look for and collect scattered small change in the corners of the apartment, you should buy a special piggy bank or use an unnecessary iron can.

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