Top Websites To List Blogs For Sale!

Top Websites To List Blogs For Sale!

If you are engaged in buying and selling blogs, you need a perfect and popular marketplace platform to list your blogs for sale. Hence several platforms offer you to sell your blogs by taking a few amounts as commission. But while listing your blogs on a website for sale, you have to look at the traffic of that platform, and at the same time, the listing should be free of cost. Buying or selling blogs business is also known as website flipping, and many of the smart persons are engaging in this business and earning quick and smart income. 

The process is too easy to learn. You have to create niche-based profitable websites by using unique content and then sell them on a premium marketplace. If you are confused about where to sell your blogs, then we are listing down a few websites that promise to provide a better deal

When it comes to buying or selling a blog, the Sedo has been the first platform. The reason is its huge popularity and jackpot deals. The best thing is that it doesn't charge a single penny to list your blog on the platform to sell. But this doesn't mean that it is doing this free cost. It will take a part of the commission when someone buys your blog. Don't worry; the commission rate is much lesser than your profit

Afternic is another popular premium marketplace to buy or sell blogs or domains. If one will choose afternic to sell their domains or blogs, they will have a special benefit. The benefit is that afternic has a partnership with many other popular websites that are also providing websites services. If you list your blogs on afternic, it will be visible on all partnered websites simultaneously. So, it means you are paying to one, but many sources are working for you

It's a newbie in the market and launched by freelance guys. The best thing about the freemarket is that it takes only 5% of the sold price as the commission. At the same time, other premium websites are charging more than this rate. The second-best thing is that it never demands any particular amount to list your blogs for saleIf you are also a newbie like FreeMarket, it is the best place to start your investment in online properties and earn huge profits

We did not consider it the best one of our lists, but if you have a successful and reputed profile on the Digital point forum, then it is the perfect platform to sell your blogs. You may find potential buyers through this marketplace. Digital point forum is a well-known platform and dedicated spot for webmasters, freelancers, or those looking for the best ways to earn money online. But to take profits from this website, you need a profile with a good reputation

  • Website Broker:

Last in our list but as profitable as others. The prime aim of the website broker is to provide a good number of bidders for your auction. It also allows you to list free of cost your blogs for sale. The commission rate is a bit higher than the freemarket, but many experienced webmasters are using website broker platforms for selling or buying blogs. It means if you choose this website, then you are going to get a chance to meet some experienced and senior entrepreneurs. 


If you want to earn a huge profit, you have to work on your blogs to achieve organic traffic, backlinks, and domain trust. After that, you can list your blogs for sale on these platforms, and we hope you will get huge benefits. 

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