Continental Tyres For Future - New Tyre Innovations

Continental Tyres For Future - New Tyre Innovations

Business paradigms are changing rapidly and so are customer needs. For any business organization to remain in the market the organization requires a strong business strategy. Sustaining a brand name requires business organizations to integrate quality products, sound marketing strategy and innovation. It is the innovation and the new product development that gives the business organization a competitive edge in the market.

Continental Tyres, a German-based leading tyre manufacturing the company thus emphasize innovation and it is through this strategy focused on innovation it has achieved a place of being the top tyre manufacturing companies of the world.

Emerging from rubber product manufacturing company Continental AG has evolved over the years as a leading business organization in the automobile industry. The company business strategy always focused on enhancing driving experience and comfort through innovative products. The vision of the company has always been to cater the future driving needs and this has to lead the company to come up with products like pneumatic tyres for bicycle and passenger vehicles, solid tyres, tubeless tyres, advanced braking systems, etc. One can purchase continental tyres through the company websites and can have a look at the specifications, the technology behind each product development.

Recently Continental announced new technology solutions for tyres which shall make the future drive safe and comfortable. Let us explore these new technology solutions.

Conti Sense

An innovative solution with the main purpose to help the driver sense any issues or problems related to the tyre by getting real-time details about the road surfaces. The technology makes use of a new kind of rubber which is conductive and this helps in transmitting the electric signals from the sensor to the receiver. The tyre of the car shall make use of special embedded sensors. These sensors shall help in capturing data related to the temperature of the road surface, the details of snow or water on the road surface, the tread depth, etc. this information shall be shared with the driver through Bluetooth enabled receiving device.

If these values are not within the specified limits and an alarming signal shall be sent to the driver. Similarly, if an object pierces the tread, or if the air pressure within the tyre falls below the mark the driver shall be notified. That’s why this conti sense is known as smart tyres for any dumb car.

Conti Adapt

In this, the wheel of the vehicle has an embedded integrated device capable of processing the information related to the tyre pressure. With this information, the device signals the wheel rim to adjust the contact patch of the tyre thereby helping in adjusting tyre pressure. Thus, there is a variable-width rim that helps in adjusting the tyre pressure. With this technology in place driving on dry roads, wet roads, snow-covered roads, and uneasy roads surface become safe and comfortable. Different tyre pressure and different contact patches are needed for ensuring safety while driving on such different road surfaces.

For example, for dry surfaces, a smaller tyre contact patch along with high tyre pressure shall ensure smooth drive, whereas lower pressure of tyre and larger contact patch is needed for attaining proper grip on slippery roads. Thus, the vehicle wheels can adjust the contact patch area based on road surfaces and are enhancing the safety and comfort of driving.

The sole purpose of these technology solutions is to enhance comfort and safety while driving. Similarly, Continental Tyres continuous effort in enhancing drive leads to the innovation of excellent high-performance tyre which has the capability of providing shorter braking distances and powerful cornering traction. Known as Conti Sport Contact 5 is a category of 225 40 R18 tyres. These tyres are known for their longer tread life and performance. It provides ease to the mechanic as well as a driver because it avoids the complex system.

Various leading Tyre manufacturing companies are experimenting with new technology solutions to support automatic driving vehicles. Other leading tyre manufacturing companies are also opening their doors of innovation and are looking for solutions to enhance the driving experience like Michelin Airless tyres concept. One can expect more and more innovative solutions in the future which shall not only make driving fascinating but also safe.

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